Project homes are the affordable new homes choice


Building project homes in Newcastle and surrounds to suit myriad needs.

Project homes are a popular choice amongst house builders with rectangular lots who are looking for a quick turnaround from construction to move in. Most project homes can be built within 12-13 weeks, meaning you can pack your bags sooner.


Benefits of building a Project Home with Sloane Homes

If a custom home design feels like too much choice and you’re wanting to stick a really tight budget, a project home might be the answer you’re looking for. It allows for an affordable new home solution with upfront knowledge of exactly how much it’s going to set you back.

Since you’re simply choosing a pre-designed home, you don’t have to stress about the design, the materials and the cost.


Project builders construct a number of houses all at the same time, it allows them to negotiate better deals on materials since they’re buying in bulk, and this ultimately benefits you as the buyer.


They’re sold at a base price and can include upgrade options, such as landscaping or the addition of a patio, if it’s something you’re looking for.


While project homes do mean that there are a limited options of pre-designed homes, you’ll still get a say in whether you want bricks or render, metal roof or roof tiles, the size of the windows and the facades.


Don’t stress about the design, the materials & the cost


Since you’re choosing a pre-designed home, simply choose from the variety of options and let the project home builders do their work.

Most of the time there are even display homes that you can look around to get a feel whether you like a particular design. Project homes are for those looking for a no-fuss, convenient and cost-effective solution to building their new home. We’ve been in the business of building quality and affordable project homes for years and have a variety of designs you can choose from. We even have display home so you can see the end result before you commit.


Contact us to discuss project home options for the Newcastle and surrounding area that you’ll love.