The Process of building your new home

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The Process of building your new home

Building your own house is not only exciting but is also a massive project. Choosing the right builder to walk you through your journey will go a long way. Sloane Homes has years of experience building new homes from the ground up and we have compiled a step by step list of the building process.

Here are the main steps that go into building your dream home from the ground up:

  1. Site Prep: Making sure that your site is perfectly prepared to commence building involves clearing trees, levelling, and removing rocks and other objects that may obstruct the build. 
  2. Foundations: Next, the foundation is built. The method here depends on what your house is going to sit on. The most common these days is a concrete slab. If you’re building on a concrete slab, a plumber comes and lays the foundation plumbing that will be built into the slab. The concrete slab is then poured. Concrete can take a few weeks to cure, so after this step happens, there is often a waiting period. 
  3. Frames And Roof Trusses: Next, your frames go up, and the roof trusses are laid on top. The frames will be ready for cladding or bricks to build the exterior of your home. 
  4. The Roof: Next, your roof is put onto the trusses. It can be either colorbond or tiles. Your walls can be bricked or cladded before or after your roof is on, the two steps follow in close succession. Now your house is really taking shape! 
  5. Rough In: This is the technical term for all the wiring and plumbing that now goes into the wall framing. Here all of your light switches, electrical plugs, and pipes are laid into your walls. 
  6. Insulation And Plaster: Your rough walls will now get all the details needed to make them habitable. Insulation and plaster are laid on and smoothed out. Plugs and wires are covered and finished. Pipes are checked and hidden. Now you REALLY get a sense of what your home is going to look like. 
  7. Waterproof and Tiles: Major finishing touches such as waterproofing and tiles are added. 
  8. Timber Touches: All of your skirting boards, door frames, kitchens, and other timber details are now added. Your home is now beginning to find its personality. 
  9. External Doors: Since your home now nearing completion, external doors and garages doors are fitted in order for your home to become secure. 
  10. Fittings: Your final fittings such as taps, mirrors, and vanities are now added, creating a finished feel to your home. Very few steps are left now before you can take the keys and move in. 
  11. Floors: Next your floors go in. This is the step where you can walk through your home and really get a feel for what it is going to look like. 
  12. Practical Completion: This is the checking stage where Sloane Homes will conduct a walkthrough with you to make sure that everything is as it should be. Here minor details can be changed, and polishing of fine points is conducted. 
  13. Handover: The part that you have been eagerly waiting for. You now take ownership of your new home, and can move in!
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