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Benefits of building a home vs buying established an established home

Buying a ready-made home is often an easier choice when it comes to moving house, but it may not always be the best choice. As we all know, easy isn’t always better. When you are planning on moving homes, you may find that the benefits of building your dream home may outweigh buying an existing one.

Lower On-going Maintenance

Sure, building a home comes with extra costs compared to buying an already standing one, but the chances are that the on-going costs will be lower in the long run. Existing buildings will almost without a doubt have some minor or even major faults that will need to be fixed. As buildings age, they tend to need more and more upkeep. There may be a minor leak in the roof or a sagging outer wall. Possibly the heating or cooling system has not been upgraded in many years and sounds a bit like an asthmatic old man. Building codes exist for safety reasons, and your new home may need a whole of money thrown at it in the near future to keep up with those codes.

Brand new buildings built from scratch won’t have any aging issues. You know that the heating and cooling systems are brand new and that everything else in it is up to modern standards. New homes that are built by trusted home builders are also covered by new home warranties. This should cover any issues that arise within an initial period after your home is built, meaning that you won’t have any additional outlay on maintenance.

Guaranteed Creative Control

Building your own custom home means that you can manage every tiny detail. Every fitting, every room, and every detail is guaranteed to be exactly as you want it to be because you designed it. When you build a home with a custom home builder, you will be involved in the design process right from the get-go. You can draft up your own design, and then watch it be created professionally by an architect. Being involved in the whole creation process gives you total control over the outcome of your building. Ensuring that the floor is the exact material and colour that you envisioned, and even that the taps in the bathroom are the right style. 

An existing home is just that, existing. The floors, finishes, and details already exist and may not fit your taste. Very often, when buying an already built home, you will like certain aspects of the house, but not all of it. Those movies where a person walks in and instantly falls in love with every square inch of the home are not very realistic. The kitchen may be stunning, but the bathroom taps may be hideous. Or it may have an incredibly ugly kitchen but have a beautiful flowing floor plan. Either way, there is very often costly work that needs to be done to turn the house into your dream home.

Planning For The Future

Technology is expanding so fast, it sometimes leaves our heads spinning. Home technology is no different, with smart houses and other trends popping up all the time. Building a new house not only means that you can incorporate the newest in home security and other technology, but also that you can plan for future upgrades. Installing a whole new smart security system or even just a smart home system in an existing house can be a mammoth task, and cost a hefty dollop of cash. Adding it into the build, however, is much easier.

The future of homes is not simply technology though. Green homes are becoming not only popular but necessary as more and more of our natural resources are used up and with the rising costs of electricity. A green home is better for the environment, a well as much easier on your pocket. You can install all sorts of energy saving items such as solar power, energy-efficient building materials, and energy-smart appliances. Whole houses are being made of recycled material, with heating and cooling systems that use natural resources, such as shade, sun and wind direction to enhance them.

Get A Fresh Start

Moving into an existing home comes with the history of all the people who have lived there before. This may be a major turn off to many new homeowners. Having a fresh start when moving into a new home is an incredible feeling. Sloane Homes can create a unique space for you and your family that no one has lived in before. Building a new home on an open piece of land is like creating a painting from a blank canvas. There is only what you put into it, and no lived in feel or history from anyone else.

Let Us Give You All The Benefits Of Building A New Home

At Sloane Homes, we have many years of experience in building custom homes in the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and Newcastle area. From the cozy inner city or ever-expanding housing estates, we have seen it all, and are uniquely situated to bring your dream of a new home to life. The benefits of building a new home versus buying an existing one are undeniable. We want to help you experience these benefits, and guide you on your dream home journey, every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how you can get yourself into the home you have always wanted.

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