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Single-Story or Double-Story

Building your new home is an amazing experience. Whether it is a knockdown rebuild or a custom home from scratch, Sloane Homes has done it all. We often get asked whether it is better to build a double story or single-story home. The answer to this lies in a lot of factors. All of which can be weighed up before you settle on a home design.

The Age Of The Home Owner

Older couples most likely don’t want a home that is going to involve lots of cleaning or maintenance. Double story homes often have double the space, and need double the work to keep in tip-top shape. Stairs can also be a challenge for seniors. Climbing up and down them, every day, can become a chore, so often a single-story house is better if one is older.

If you are a young family, with young children or children on the way, a double story home may also not be the best idea. Stairs and small children may be a safety hazard, as well as separating your home, making it harder to keep an eye on young kids.

On the other hand, families with teenagers may consider a double story home to give everyone their own living areas.

The Cost

Building a double story house is, of course, more expensive than a single-story one. Not only this, but the utilities cost in a double story is often much higher. The underfloor heating area is doubled, as is cooling. The structure is obviously double the size of a single house and will cost much more to erect.

Size Of Your Block

The size of the block you have bought will play a large role in whether you build a double or single-story home. A single-story home will often have a much bigger footprint than a double story one and may leave little space around it. If you have a smaller block of land, and building double story is allowed, then you will be able to give yourself a bigger backyard and a bigger living area by building up. This allows for more features such as potential swimming pools, lawns, gardens or even alfrescos.

Your Perfect Layout

The layout of your home should suit your needs perfectly. Once it is built, there is no going back. When considering whether to build a double or single story, you need to take into consideration the liveability of your home. People moving upstairs can create noise as floors shift or footsteps are heard. The flow needs to be well thought out in order to make sure that your living areas are all accessible and comfortable. 

Double story does give you many more options when it comes to design, however. Bedrooms can be larger, as can your kitchen as they do not have to share the same floor. Splitting floor levels give more privacy to those who wish to retreat to a bedroom or even those that are entertaining. Should you have guests come to stay, the split floor levels will give everyone in the house more space and less of a feeling of being on top of each other.

Sloane Homes Has Built Them Both

Whether you are considering double or single-story, Sloane Homes has been the go-to custom home builder in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area for many years. We walk your new home journey every step of the way with you, ensuring that your build is as hassle-free as possible. If you are looking to build, contact us today and start your journey to your new double, or single-story dream home.

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