Things to consider when building a Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy

Things to consider when building a Dual Occupancy 

Dual Occupancy could be a good strategy for those who are the first time developers, or even if you simply want to generate an income off of your own property. A dual occupancy home is a building that consists of two homes or dwellings that share the same block of land. They may or may not be attached. Also known as duplexes, these homes need council approval as well as careful planning.

Sloane Homes has built a number of dual occupancy homes across the Newcastle region and is well versed in the rules and council regulations. When considering whether you should build a dual occupancy home on your block of land, here are the main points to keep in mind.

Is Dual Occupancy Right For You?

Are You Doing A Knockdown Rebuild: If you have an existing home on a plot of land with a building that needs to be knocked down, you could consider a dual occupancy. Whether it is for a family member or to generate extra income, a duplex may be the right way to go. This choice also increases the value of your property for future sales.

Do You Have A Large Block with an Existing House:

If you have a large block and a house already built on it, you may consider building a second building behind your existing one; this will essentially turn your original home into a dual occupancy. This also increases value for your property.

Brand New Large Block:

If you have just bought a large plot of land in an estate or undeveloped area, building a dual occupancy home may be ideal. It is perfect for family members that may need to stay with you or to invest and generate income via rent.

Practical Considerations

Obviously, when building two homes on one block of land there are certain practical considerations to keep in mind. 

Street Frontage: Some dual occupancy homes are built side by side, and some are built behind each other. Either way, you need enough street frontages for everyone to be able to get into their homes. Your relevant council will be able to advise minimum block sizes and requirements for constructing a dual occupancy.

Multiple Costs: remember that when you are building two homes, everything will be doubled. Keep in mind that costs can soar when you have to buy fittings for four bathrooms instead of just two. Two kitchens equal double the amount of tiles, it all adds up. In the end, it may be worth the investment, but be aware that the initial layout may be steep.

Council Approval: Getting council approval for a dual occupancy home is often harder than a single dwelling. You must meet a number of requirements for each council. Requirements around minimum block sizes, access, dwelling size may be relevant when designing your dual occupancy. Partnering with a trusted and experienced construction company such as Sloane Homes will help to smooth this process as we have experience in exactly what is needed. 

Tips And Tricks

Sloane Homes has built a number of dual occupancy homes over the past few years, and we have developed a number of tips and tricks for the build.

Single Garages: Double garages take up space. A single garage in each dwelling will help to maximize space. 

Create A Pantry Under Stairs: Using space wisely in a dual occupancy is essential. The gap under the stairs makes a great pantry.

Contact Us To Create Your Dual Occupancy Dreams

Sloane Homes have many years of experience in duplex and dual occupancy homes. We can build from scratch, guiding you every step of the journey. Contact us today to find out how you can build a dual occupancy home on your block of land today.

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