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6 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Central Coast Builder For Your New Home

Choosing the best Central Coast builder for your home should not be undertaken lightly. Getting it wrong can result in delayed building times, costly expenses and endless stress for you. There are several things to take into consideration when choosing your builder, which should help you to make the right decision. Take a look below at our handy checklist to get the right central coast builder for you.

They Have Their Own Team

Builders who have their permanent team are much better able to control the quality of their work than those that use migrant or part-time labour. When a builder gets to know their team and build loyalty, they are able to provide consistency.

Old builder, a new company

Take a step back if your builder says that he has many years of experience in the business, but the actual company is not that old. Sometimes this means that they had to close down an old company due to insurance claims. Of course, this is not always the case at all, but some times it may be. Make sure you research your chosen company rigorously before signing anything with them.

Excellent Warranty

Make sure that your builder has an excellent warranty and insurance. You don’t want to be left in the lurch should something go wrong, and your insurance won’t cover it. Ask to see a copy of their warranty insurance, and be sure that it is a part of the contract that you sign. Most warranties are about 6 years long and can be void if your builder goes out of business. Keep this in mind when choosing your Central Coast builder.

Good Experience

Make sure that the builder you choose for your dream home has good local experience. Sloane Homes has been building both project homes and custom homes in the Central Coast region for many years. We have a good solid client base, all of whom are happy to give us excellent references. Local builders know the area and the suppliers the best. They are often able to get better deals on materials and take a personal interest in your dream home.

Good Inclusions

Inclusions can make all the difference when you are choosing your builder. Inclusions are what you get included in the standard price of your home. Some builders include things like floor coverings, whether that be tiles or carpet, some even offer driveways. Most builders will include electrical outlets and lights but may limit the amount per room. Be sure to discuss this in length so that you know what’s included with your home.

Good Communication

Excellent communication is essential when embarking on a building project. You need to know exactly who it is that you will be dealing with. With big building companies you may have a site foreman who reports to his manager, who reports to the GM etc. The bigger the company, the bigger the communication chain is generally.

This leaves a lot of room for error and miscommunications. Small boutique builders are often a better option than larger builders. For example, at Sloane Homes, we know that we can give you personal attention from almost everyone in our company. Because we only take on a few projects at a time, we guarantee to craft them as lovingly as is they were our own homes. Communication is easy; it’s a simple as having a chat with Sloane himself.

So let us build you a custom home or project home on the Central Coast. We guarantee personal attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship.

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