How to choose the best Builder in Newcastle for any building project

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How to choose the best builder in Newcastle for your next building project

The wrong choice of builders can make or break your construction project. Pick the wrong team and you’ll have missed deadlines, shoddy workmanship and an overblown budget. Pick the right team and you’ll sail through the process and the result will be an attractive and structurally sound building. Here’s how you can choose the best builder in Newcastle for your construction job.

1. Avoid contractors who only accept cash

A builder who asks to be paid in cash should set off warning bells. According to the Federation of Master Builders, people who pay builders in cash tend are less satisfied with the result than those who pay by other methods. Cash payments can indicate that the contractor is attempting to avoid tax or a paper trail, which could indicate shading dealings on their part that you don’t want to be involved in.

2. Make sure they have their own team

There’s nothing worse than expecting a dedicated team of builders to work on your building project, only to discover that you’re dealing with subcontracted part-time builders. Without a dedicated team, you’ll deal with constant delays and a team that splits its attention between dozens of clients.

3. Choose a builder who is upfront about inclusions and exclusions

Imagine forking out money for what you think is a complete home build, only to discover that your builders don’t consider essentials like smoke alarms, painting or tiling to be part of the job. You’ll be left scrambling to find the money to complete your home. Ensure that all inclusions and exclusions are documented and agreed upon at the outset of the project. Click here to view our list of inclusions at Sloane Homes.

4. Make sure they offer a realistic timeline and pricing

Like most things in life, if a service provider makes an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A builder who offers a very fast timeline or works for very little money is likely cutting corners and leaving out important parts of the job. Soil tests and energy reports are essential to the home building process for a reason, even if they add a couple of days to the project.

A reputable new home builder, like Sloane Homes, will be happy to discuss any of these issues and answer all your questions with confidence.

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