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We might be well into the Christmas season already but even so, it’s not too late to get Christmas lights up and put a smile on your neighbour’s faces with a cool display.

There aren’t many times in the year that we get to doll up our home in a way that might be considered somewhat extravagant, so hop off that fence your sitting on and take note of these key tips to stylish and classy Christmas light decorations for the home.

Safety First

For starters, make sure you’re using the proper equipment and ensure your own safety when putting up lights of any kind. Use a good ladder and it’s always best practice to have someone spotting you. Securing lights with tacks or nails is dangerous so make sure you use insulated holders and of course, never install lights on any tree that comes into contact or is close to power lines. Remember to plug in your Christmas lights before installing them to make sure that all the bulbs are working. Before you go to bed or head out, turn off your lights — just as a precautionary measure.

Christmas lights home decorationDon’t Go Overboard

We’ve all walked past that house with so many lights that we’ve had to put our sunglasses on to avoid getting blinded. There are loads of different options out there so maybe stick with one or two rather than throwing everything you find at your front garden!

Pick a Theme

Do you want to dazzle the neighbourhood with sparkling lights or set up a Santa display in your front lawn? Want lights that go around the awning of your home or splash the trees in your lawn full of colour? Have a look around at some other Christmas light displays before you go shopping for yours and see what you like. Also take into consideration the space you’ve got to work with. If you’ve only got one puny tree in your front yard it’s probably not going to be impressively lit with Christmas lights! Here are some options for you to explore:

Christmas Fairy Lights

Forget about electric fairy lights, many brands these days offer solar fairy lights. They come in a range of different colours and shapes with various changing functions so you can adjust them on a daily basis if you want to! They look great running around your roof, fence, balcony or wrapped around a flowerbed or tree. A fully charged solar battery can provide you with up to eight hours of light – just make sure the solar panels are in the sunniest spot you can find.

Christmas Fairy LightsRope Lights

Ideal for your garden, balcony, veranda, fence, wall or other outdoor space, rope lights are easy to install and come in a range of colours, including multi-coloured. Choose from LED, solar and various lengths for a seamless splash of colour. They’re usually waterproof and keep cool to the touch when switched on.

Novelty Lights

From icicles to stars to light-up-Santas and everything in between – if you want to immerse yourself completely in the novelty of Christmas this is the option for you. There is not much you can’t get in this category. Options range from a string of lights to an LED reindeer to sit in your front lawn. These are the ones the kids go crazy for!

Christmas Inflatables

Jump right into the spirit of the holidays with Christmas inflatables. Perfect for your lawn or your roof, these little beauties complement your preferred lights perfectly. From Santa and his sleigh through to a festive Christmas tree, Christmas inflatables pop up in minutes, are relatively cheap and come with ropes and pegs to hold them down.

Decorating Christmas Lights on Your HomeWell what are you waiting for? Hop on down to your local Christmas light stockist and get your home looking festive! From everyone here at Sloane Homes, we hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday filled with memorable moments (and spectacular lights!).

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