3 factors to consider when drafting your Newcastle house plans

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Deciding to conceptualise your dream home from scratch is exciting for any future homeowner. Unlike moving into or renovating an existing structure, designing from scratch means you get to plan your home according to your exact specifications.

However, before you kick-off the process, make sure you’re aware of the following factors that could impact the drafting of your Newcastle house plans – or the design of any home in New South Wales.

1. Testing

Factors that will influence both your plans and the cost of the eventual construction include soil testing (land that is rocky and difficult to build on will require a different planning approach) and contour testing, which is essential for success if your home is to be built on a slope or uneven surface. Running into problems mid-build is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, but by taking care of these two essential testing processes before you do anything else, you can avoid unnecessary drama.


Any new home built in New South Wales must qualify for a BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) certificate, which can only be obtained after your project undergoes a sustainability assessment based on your design. This assessment can only be undertaken by a building professional.

Depending on their findings, you may need to amend your original house plans to include adjustments for energy and water savings, as well as thermal comfort. These changes will take into account design and structural elements such as the flooring, roof, ventilation, windows, insulation and walls.

3. Outdoor Area Approval

Be prepared to go into as much detail with your outdoor area plans as you do with the interior house plans. You will need to take into account any retaining walls or outdoor taps. Then there are pathways and driveways, and any outdoor alfresco and storage areas that you might need for entertainment, gardening or sports equipment. Finally, you’ll need to make a note of any significant landscaping work that needs to be undertaken to complete the home.

These are just three factors that will influence your house plans, but there are many others to be considered too.  When you work with the right building company from the outset, they will be familiar with all the necessary regulations and processes that must be followed and will keep them in mind from the start. Partnering with a professional building company is a worthwhile investment that will halve your work and stress and make turning your plans into your dream home happen that much faster.

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