Top trends to discuss with your project home builders in Newcastle

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Top trends for your Project Home in Newcastle

Building a new home from scratch allows you to take full advantage of the latest building and design trends, to create a home that’s perfect for modern living and which is as practical as it is sustainable. If you’d like to include current trends in your upcoming project home build, here are a few inspirational ideas to discuss with your Newcastle project home builders.

1. Passive Design

Much as the name implies, building a home using passive design means working with nature instead of against it with regards to heating and cooling. Passive design can reduce your need for additional heating and cooling by 40%, slashing your bills and keeping your home comfortable all year round.
Making use of this type of design will influence how your home is laid out because passive design relies on natural resources such as the sun and wind. Taking this into account before planning and building a new home will save you a great deal of money as you won’t need to amend an existing structure.

2. Indoor/Outdoor flow

The days of strictly delineated indoor and outdoor areas are long gone, and modern homes are blending the two seamlessly, thanks to fewer walls and smart design. Architects have come to realise that not only does this aesthetic make alfresco areas more attractive and accessible, but it also makes for an effortlessly flow of the interiors into nature.

In terms of design, creating this flow will influence the placement of your home’s windows and sliding doors to ensure year-round outdoor views. Some homeowners choose to bring the outdoors in by creating an enclosed sunroom, for example.

3. Open-plan living

An open-plan design remains a popular choice among homeowners because of the flexibility it provides growing families. Open plan living areas accommodate a change of room function easily and create a welcoming living space for everyone.

Some people sacrifice the idea of a formal dining room to create a single, large living area, while others eliminate dark hallways that take up space and use the area to expand bedrooms. Because cooking and entertaining are part and parcel of each other, some kitchens and living rooms feature together, while other kitchens open onto an alfresco entertainment space.

A good building partner will be able to talk you through how your future home can incorporate these exciting trends and how your design and plans will be impacted. Such careful planning will ensure your home is practical and contemporary and, of course, perfect for your needs.


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