If you plan to build a townhouse in Newcastle, Sloane Homes are the experts to trust

Townhouse In Newcastle
Dual Occupancy

Sloane Homes has extensive experience in building townhouses in Newcastle. Building a townhouse is an excellent investment because building from scratch ensures a good return on investment – far better than if you bought an existing building and renovated. That’s because new buildings require minimal maintenance and are more energy efficient than older ones. Plus, they’re usually a lot more pleasant to live in, so are generally in high demand.

Here are some more reasons to consider building a townhouse in Newcastle:

1. Demand

Townhouse units are far more affordable to rent than a house, making them a popular choice. They also provide a level of safety that isn’t available in a standalone home. This means that you’ll never be short of tenants.

2. Affordability

Because the construction company will be buying materials, fixtures and fittings in bulk, they should be able to get them at better prices than someone building a single home.

3. Lower utility bills

The latest air conditioners, heat pumps and other essential home fittings have been designed with energy efficiency and durability in mind. This means far fewer headaches for you as the landlord.

4. You’ll make your money back quickly

Quality accommodation is always in short supply and in heavy demand as we mentioned above. If you invest in quality design and construction, you will be able to charge substantial rents, because people are willing to pay more for a beautiful home that’s fitted with the best appliances.

All of the above benefits, which are substantial, will only be accessible if you choose a reliable and experienced company to design and build your Newcastle townhouse. If you try to cut corners and costs by hiring a cheap company that cuts its own corners and costs by purchasing sub-standard materials, you’ll be paying for the mistake for years to come.

To build a townhouse for which tenants are easy to find, and which doesn’t require continual maintenance and expensive repairs, you need to hire experts like Sloane Homes. Our multi-disciplinary team has all the expertise needed to design and build a world-class townhouse in Newcastle to your exact specifications using the latest technology. Get in touch today to book an appointment to discuss your plans.

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