Questions to ask your project home builders in Newcastle

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4 Questions to ask your project home builders in Newcastle

There are some great benefits to choosing project home builders in Newcastle, for your home build. For one, with volume comes experience. A standardised design means that your builder has built your home many times before, so you can feel confident with every stage of the project. For another, standardised design means builders can save on building costs and materials—all of which get passed onto you. Win!

At Sloane Homes, we are both custom and project home builders in Newcastle. As such, we have great experience building both and understand how to ensure a smooth process no matter which direction you choose to go. There are a number of common questions we’re regularly asked when we engage a client for a project home build in Newcastle. In the interest of helping you to feel better acquainted with what’s possible in your project home, let’s explore them now.

Can I swap rooms around?

Opting for Newcastle project home builders doesn’t mean you don’t get any choice! While you can’t optimise a standard house design to uniquely suit your site, you can make small adjustments such as rejigging the room orientation. For the most comfortable living all year round, spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, and other daytime living spaces face north while your bedrooms face south. Also consider placing your garage, laundry, and bathrooms on the western side where they will catch the brunt of the afternoon sun.

Will my new home be energy efficient?

As Newcastle’s best project home builders, we make sure we implement strategies that will help your home be both energy and water-efficient. Chat to us about installing water-efficient taps, toilets and showerheads for lower hot water bills and quality appliances (such as dishwashers) that are fitted for better efficiency.

Can we go for solar?

Solar energy makes sense in a country like Australia. As such, getting your Newcastle project home builder to install solar is a great idea. It might cost you a little more upfront, but it will save you bucket loads down the track.

Can we maximise ventilation?

While there will be some restrictions based on the size of your block and where it is located, we can definitely optimise your Newcastle project home build to maximise ventilation. We consider the direction that breezes predominantly come from and will ensure that you have windows of roughly the same size on opposing sides of the house to optimise flow through.

Not sure if a project home build is for you after all? Here’s the low down on the difference between custom and project home builders in Newcastle.

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