Building a Dual Occupancy

dual occupancy
Dual Occupancy

The Basics of building a Dual Occupancy

You may have heard of the term “dual occupancy”, but never really understood or thought much about it. Dual Occupancy is, in fact, a possible route to investigate when building a home on a piece of land. This is because it allows you an extra income via renting the second dwelling out or even providing a whole other home for a family member.

What Is Dual Occupancy Exactly?

Simply put, dual occupancy is where two homes are built side by side on the same property. They can either be attached, as in the case of “semi-detached” housing, or they can be set a little way from each other. Granny flats, subdivided houses and duplexes are all examples of dual occupancy.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that dual occupancy is regarded as a purely residential situation. Not every city council in NSW allows dual occupancy except in certain areas and on certain sized blocks. Neighbours may also complain about it as well, creating red tape to cause your construction to grind to a halt. Luckily, Sloane Homes has many years of designing and building dual occupancy homes and can navigate the rather murky waters for you.

Why Would You Want A Dual Occupancy Home?

There are many reasons why one should consider building a dual occupancy home on their property. Not the least of which is that it can be a brand new stream of income in an uncertain economic climate. Possibly you need a place for a loved one to live where they are close to you. You may choose to develop and sell after completion. Either way, there are some great circumstances in which you should really consider building a dual occupancy home on your property with Sloane Homes.

Reasons To Do A Possible Knock-Down Rebuild Dual Occupancy:

  • A large property or block in an up and coming area. This will grant you a pretty decent stream of passive income as up and coming areas are always in demand.
  • Your land is worth a bit of money, but currently is not doing very much as it is undeveloped. 
  • You like your area, but are looking to scale down on your home size. 

Reasons To Build A Brand New Dual Occupancy:

  • You have a big plot of land, and most of it isn’t being used.
  • You want a place to rent out, either for income or as a guest lodge such as an Air BnB.
  • You have excess land and wish to build a place for loved ones to say, either temporarily or permanently.

Making Dual Occupancy work for you

The first thing that must be done when considering either a knockdown-rebuild dual occupancy home or even a brand new one, is to check that it is in fact allowed in the current zone. Once you have ascertained this, get in touch with Sloane Homes to get your project off the ground.

We know some neat tips and tricks regarding dual occupancy homes, and will most definitely apply them to your new addition.

  • Build your pantry under your stairs. This saves much-needed space, and still allows the residents a place to keep food. There is nothing more annoying than having to put food in a kitchen cupboard because of lack of space.
  • Have a single garage. Although most homes have two cars, double garages take up way too much space if you are putting two homes on one plot of land. Consider on-street parking or a carport for a second car.
  • Make heavy use of open plan living. Open plan living creates a big space that can serve many functions. This eliminates little grungy rooms that are only used for one thing, and detract from the overall feel and aesthetics of the home.

Contact Sloane Homes Today For Your New Dual Occupancy Project

Sloane Homes has built and designed many dual occupancy custom homes in many areas. We know all of the tips and tricks and are perfectly situated to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. Contact us today and get your new revenue stream flowing.

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