Factors To Consider When Designing Your New Home

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Factors To Consider When Designing Your New Custom Home 

Building your own home is exciting. It’s a chance to have exactly what you want, with no previous mistakes or residual from people who lived there before. Getting your home exactly right, however, can cause a lot of stress on you and on any relationships that you have. Having an experienced custom home builder such as Sloane Homes to help to guide you through the process greatly diminishes that stress.

Another way to ensure that you are always on track is to take note of the main factors to consider when designing your new home. Be sure to plan ahead, that way you won’t come up against too many unexpected outfalls. Here are a few of the top things to consider before you lay the first brick.

Carefully Consider Your Location

The old adage, “location, location, location” still rings true all these years after it was coined, and for a good reason. Your new home’s location will play a massive part in what sort of home it is, what it looks like, and even the materials it is built with. For example, a small plot of land in the middle of a city will require clever usage of space, and probably a few stories if allowed. A big plot of land in the country will allow a big sprawling house that needn’t be over one story.

Set Your Budget

Setting your budget before you even begin to build will give you an idea of exactly what you can do. We would all love to throw notes in the air exclaiming “money is no object!” But unfortunately, that is simply not true for most of us. 

When you make use of a custom home builder in the Newcastle or Hunter Valley area such as Sloane Homes, we need to know beforehand exactly what you want to spend. That way we can make sure to get you the best possible quality and features for your pocket. You will also be spared the stress and worry of going over budget.

Predict Your Needs

Your family may be small at the moment, but will it always remain so? Maybe you have parents who will need a place to say when they retire. Families and situations change. Building a home for yourself and your loved ones is a long term thing. Planning ahead when you design it will spare you many issues in the future should your living situation change.

Plan Your Wish List

No one likes regrets, and even more so when you are building a home. Before you set anything in stone, have a look at as many features in as many places as you can. Look at other people’s houses, look on the internet. Look in magazines and showrooms. Create your wish list for your house. Writing down all the neat little things that you want to include in your home’s design will prevent you from standing in your finished home and saying, “Damn, I wish I had included that…” 

Use A Reputable Custom Home Builder

Building a brand new home from design to construction is a big job. Of course, one can take it on as a DIY project, but without experience, that may be doomed to fail. The best way to build yourself a new, beautiful home is to use a reputable contractor like us at Sloane Homes. We have many years of experience in building all over NSW, especially custom homes in the Hunter Valley area. 

Give us a call, or send us a mail and let us set up a meeting to discuss the home of your dreams. It could be closer than you think!

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