Garage Storage and Organisation Tips

Garage Storage and Organisation Tips

Our garage can become a dumping ground for anything we don’t have a place for in the house. Boxes of old photographs, outdoor toys, ski or camping gear, leftover carpet, paint or scrap wood—not to mention those things like gardening equipment and tools that traditionally belong in a garage. Oh, and our cars of course.

Before we know it, the garage space can become disorganised, untidy, unruly and just plain messy. People cleverer than us have come up with these ingenious garage storage and organisation tips and we’re passing them along for your benefit. Don’t let the garage in your brand new home turn into a clutter frenzy, start on the right foot with these storage and organisation solutions. Enjoy!

A Beautiful Mess – Install a Slat Wall

Turn a wall into a storage bonanza by using a slat wall to hang and organise various accessories. From paints and gloves to a convenient place to keep all your gardening utensils, the beauty of a slat wall is you can just keep adding more baskets and hooks as you need.

Positively Splendid – Or a Pegboard

Pegboard is dirt cheap and incredibly easy to install. This quick and effortless solution could put all your tools in easy access and mean you’ll never be emptying out your toolbox to find that elusive wrench ever again!

The Family Handyman – Use the ceiling

Providing the ceiling is high enough to accommodate shelving without hitting the roof of your car, this underutilised space can make all the difference in homes where storage boxes are lining the walls. The one downside is installation is a bit challenging but it’s nothing a qualified builder couldn’t help you achieve if you feel you aren’t up to it on your own.

Decorating Your Small Space – Store Your Bikes Vertically

Whether you’ve got one bike or six, hanging them vertically on the wall will save you an incredible amount of space and save your bike from getting scratched or damaged when someone accidentally knocks it over trying to get past it. There are countless ideas banging around the internet so have a look at which strategy you like the most and head down to Bunnings to get the equipment you need. We particularly like this one from Decorating Your Small Space with the additional helmet shelf above the rack.

Bench Solution – A Fold-Up Work Table is your New Best Friend

Limited floor space doesn’t have to mean that you can’t have a work table in your garage—just have a work table that folds down when you’re not using it and have the best of both worlds. Make sure you get a frame that’s sturdy and strong with a high load rating like this one we found at Bench Solution.

Stoett Screens – Keep Air Flowing with a Retractable Screen

Okay, so this is less garage storage and organisation and more man cave goals but the person who thought of screens for a garage was a complete genius. Consistent air flow without the bug factor, you might never go back into the main house again!

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