Unusual Design Trends Taking 2017 by Storm


Most people play it safe when designing their own home. We know that fads come and go and we want something that is going to stand the test of time.

But there are some unique ideas that began hitting the design scene last year and seem to be picking up pace for 2017. We’ve checked out some of the more unusual design trends that are set to become the next ‘in’ thing for this year and beyond.

Built-In Pet Suites

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the ingenious idea of building doggy amenities in to our homes. From a full-size washer and dryer for pet blankets, bedding and towels to a complete washing station with pooch level sprayers and faucets, luxury pet suites are officially the next big thing. Some have even gone so far as to include a refrigerator for filtered water and fresh food supplies or a wall-mounted television so pets have some company while everyone is out of the house. While maybe there are some extravagances best left behind, we can’t help falling in love with the idea of a dedicated pet space to groom, bathe perhaps train our besties. It would certainly mean less mess!

2017 Design Trends - Built in Pet Suite
2017 Design Trends – Built in Pet Suite

(Sarina Denton Designs)

Unusual Window Shapes

Forget the boring squares and rectangles, more and more people are opting for unique and interesting windows. A strip of glass extending from the floor all the way through the roof so as to showcase a snippet of the view beyond or a hexagonal window that plays with angles and lines or irregular polygons to play on the nerves of those who can’t stand irregularities—the world of windows has shifted. We particularly like the unusual shapes used in this place designed by Greenbox that makes the most of the space with a variety of different window shapes:

2017 Design Trends - Unusual Window Shapes
2017 Design Trends – Unusual Window Shapes

Outdoor Rooms

Homes that take advantage of the temperate Australian climate are becoming increasingly common. Long gone are the boring patios with a less than aesthetically pleasing pergola. In their place are outdoor rooms. Think the comfort of your lounge room with the advantage of cool breezes and fresh air. These natural extensions of the home take an outside space and make it into something spectacular enough to entice you outside no matter what shape the weather might be taking!

2017 Design Trends - Outdoor rooms
2017 Design Trends – Outdoor rooms

What do you think about these unique trends? Have you seen any more unusual trends that are worth looking at? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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