2017 Bathroom Trends

2017 Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are no longer “just that room where you shower”, they’re a space to feature some of your best design and infuse with your own personal style. Colourful walls, patterned tiles and unique lighting are this year’s go-to bathroom trends and we are loving everything we’re seeing so far!


The bathtub is back in a big way, but not just any old bathtub – claw foot and freestanding tubs are all the rage. And we understand why. Besides the aesthetics, there’s something incredibly opulent and even romantic about a freestanding tub. With a full range of shapes and sizes, opt for soft curves to tone down an angular room or a more rectangular, squarish tub to complement a bathroom with more commanding features.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Bathtubs

Tap and Shower Fittings

The thing about current bathroom trends is that every last detail adds to the style. So long gone are the days where taps and showerheads are just thrown in without consideration. The shape, colour and design of the fittings can completely change the look of a bathroom. We particularly like the current trend of matt black tapware to offset white and grey tones.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Taps and fittings
Source – Pinterest

Framed Showers

For the last decade or so, bathroom trends leant towards frameless showers but framed showers are seeing a resurgence. Again, nothing like the boring shower kit of course, but no longer is a shower enclosure just an afterthought or simply a practical solution to keep water pouring out all over the floor. These steel framed doors make for quite a feature and would suit a range of bathroom styles, particularly an industrial look.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Framed Showers
Source: Smith Hanes

Patterned Tiles

Nothing grabs the eye like patterned tiles. Whether on the floor or the wall, this bathroom trend is one to strongly consider when designing your new bathroom. Really looking to make a statement? Opt for tiles patterned with Moorish motifs or Mediterranean inspired; they’re most commonly in tones of blue and white or black and white and bring a more interesting visual to a white bathroom.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Patterned Tiles
Source – Desire to Inspire

Eclectic Lighting

The beautiful thing about lighting is you can offset a particular style with a light selection that completely changes the feel of the whole bathroom. Hidden lights are very popular, giving the bathroom more of an intimate, romantic atmosphere but feature lighting are a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. We particularly love industrial lighting like these hanging lights with their exposed wiring because it complements a wide variety of bathroom designs.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Eclectic Lighting
Source – Kester Black

Bespoke Vanities

If your vanity looks like it could happily reside in your living room, you’re going down the right track. Repurposing antique pieces and converting them into bathroom vanities is another bathroom trend for 2017. Usually floor standing and timber, these vanities create a unique bathroom look.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Bespoke Vanities
Source – Pinterest


You might think wallpaper went out of fashion back in the eighties and you’re right. But it’s back—and bathroom wallpaper can be both elegant and make a statement. The trick is not to overdo it so it feels as though the walls are caving in around you.

2017 Bathroom Trends - Wallpaper
Source – My Domaine Home

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