A Guide to the Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Most Popular Interior Design

So you’re designing your new home and getting asked all kinds of questions about how you want it to look—and you’re feeling mightily overwhelmed! What if the tiles don’t look good in the bathroom space? What colour scheme will stand the test of time the best? Just how open plan can open plan be?

It can feel as though the very weight of the world sits on the right kitchen sink selection and if we’re new to the world of interior design, we might not know what works with what. Get some inspiration from some of the more popular design trends to get an idea of what works and where your preferences lie.

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles


Clean lines, cool colours, plenty of textures with a cosy vibe—this design style is inspired by the Nordic countryside of fjords, snow and mountains. This simple, elegant and somewhat understated design has an emphasis on functionality and almost feels like a work of art. Choose light wood floorboards, white or grey tiles and off set with sculptured furniture.

Scandinavian inspired interior design
Scandinavian inspired interior design


Drawing inspiration from the warehouse or urban loft, the industrial approach favours an almost unfinished or raw look with a focus on the use of wood, stone and metals as primary materials. It’s not unusual to see exposed bricks, ducts and air vents and unique dangling lighting fixtures throughout industrial styled designs. With a slightly warmer colour scheme, choose glossy wooden floorboards or matt grey/black tiles and splash some black through your fixtures. For that lived-in homely look add rugs, unique art pieces and textiles.

Industrial interior design
Industrial interior design – Source: Adorable Home


If you’re a clutter-phobe, you’ll love the minimalist approach. Cutting back to only the bare essentials, this style focuses on harnessing the natural visual impact of an underutilised space. Colour is used sparingly and simple, natural forms are maintained. Think white, black and primary colours, white or grey tiles and clean cut, elegantly simply furniture.

Dark minimalist interior design
Dark minimalist interior design – Source: My Unfinished Home


The definitive word to describe this style would be eclectic. Rustic interiors emphasise nature and may include handcrafted, distressed furniture constructed from natural materials. Stone or hardwood flooring with featured wooden beams or columns or a stone feature wall is common. The rustic approach is warm, inviting and harmonious with nature.

Rustic interior design
Rustic interior design – Source: Dwell Candy

Mid Century Modern

Open planned spaces with a use of vivid colours, this style of design arrived around the end of the Second World War breaking traditional design covenants and driving design into the modern era. With simple, clean lines, pops of colour, and shaggy carpets—the mid century modern look feels homely and is full of character. Retro is the theme here (think 50s and 60s) with wooden panelled feature walls and unique lighting fixtures.

Mid century interior design
Mid century interior design


Contemporary design describes design of the here and now—there’s fluidity to contemporary as design trends and fads come and go. This ever-evolving approach favours metals and glass and highlights austere, orderly spaces. Still keeping a rather neutral colour scheme, opt for light wooden floors and grey scale walls.

Contemporary styled living room
Contemporary styled living room

Shabby Chic

This vintage-inspired style has an antique feel. Furnishings are eclectic and appear timeworn. This style usually has a more feminine vibe and always feels warm, inviting and soft. Fresh white and pastels are the key colour tones with distressed wood and claw-footed baths as key features of this romantic looking style.

Shabby chic interior design
Shabby chic interior design

Which is your favourite? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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