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We’re not lying. It is possible to have a stylishly designed home when you have kids. Yes they’re messy and things will likely move from their rightful place often, but having kids doesn’t mean you have to give up on design altogether! Here are some of our favourite rooms and features designed for kids with style in mind.

The Kiddie Table Come Back

Kiddie tables have gotten a bad rap and probably for good reason. The average kiddie table is bright blue plastic with engine red chairs. Not the most visually appealing! Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some stunningly designed kiddie tables that don’t detract from the overall look and feel of your home and still provide the kids with a great space to play, eat and be creative. Whether it’s for your dining room, living room, office or outside, give the kiddie table another thought.

Stylish Kid Spaces - The Kiddie Table
Stylish Kid Spaces – The Kiddie Table (Source: Houzz)

Make Room for the Playroom

A dedicated play space is a great way to keep kids toys and materials in the one place. There are tonnes of different ideas for designing a playroom that appeals to kids and adults alike. If you’re building a new home for your family, why not whack another room into the floor plan for a playroom? It’ll make a great media room later down the track…

And if you simply can’t manage to add a playroom, turn your hallway into a play space by running a chalkboard along the bottom of one of the walls.

Stylish Kids Spaces - The Playroom
Stylish Kids Spaces – The Playroom (Source: Pinterest)

Tile Those Walls

So tiling the walls in the entire house would probably look a little crazy—but tiling in the bathroom, and even the kitchen, is a good idea if you have little ones running around. It’ll combat dirty hand prints and sprays of toothpaste and add a touch of elegance to your home. Don’t you love it when practicality and style come together?

Stylish Kids Spaces - Tiled Bathroom Walls
Stylish Kids Spaces – Tiled Bathroom Walls

Forget the Staircase, Add a Slide

Everyone loves a good slide—kids and kids-at-heart alike! So why not forgo the staircase and install a slide? Okay, so maybe this is a bit over the top but we thought it was good for a chuckle and would definitely provide hours of entertainment.

Stylish Kids Spaces - Indoor Slide
Stylish Kids Spaces – Indoor Slide (Source: Twisted Sifter)

Drool-worthy Kids Bedroom

Kids bedroom designs have come leaps and bounds. The trick is to incorporate a calm but fresh palate and opt for a style that suits your child’s personality. Of course, the old bunk bed has seemingly never gone out of fashion and think about how you can use levels such as built-in beds accessible via a ladder with a play space underneath. Hanging chairs are also popular at the moment and don’t forget about cleverly discrete storage space.

Stylish Kids Spaces - Dream Kids Bedroom
Stylish Kids Spaces – Dream Kids Bedroom (Source: Pinterest)

Outdoor Wonderland

If you’ve got a backyard, turning it into a child’s playground doesn’t have to mean abandoning style. Keep it natural, make use of the landscape you’ve got and add unique features that kids will naturally be drawn to like a line of tree stumps that could act an either an obstacle course or a seating area. Add a quirky path that winds it’s way through the garden and opt for bright flowers or rustling grasses to stimulate their senses. Or install a vege patch and reap the benefits of producing your own food and teaching your kids the value of it at the same time. If that indoor slide feels a little much and you’ve got a slope or stairs going down to the backyard from a balcony, an outdoor one could be a great addition. And the most important outdoor accessory? Quite simply, a great lawn.

Stylish Kids Spaces - Sunken Trampoline
Stylish Kids Spaces – Sunken Trampoline (Source: The Guardian)

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