Why Building a Granny Flat will be the Best Thing You Do This Year

Granny Flat 4 custom home design by Sloane Homes, Home Builders Newcastle

Haven’t you heard? 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the granny flat. We’ve had so many requests for them, we’ve added brand new designs to our website to make it easier for people to choose the configuration best suited to their space and preferences.

Featuring two bedrooms, one bathroom and a separate laundry space, each unique design is approximately 60 square metres total with open kitchen, meals and living. Choose from well-appointed studio, or traditional or contemporary style flat—with or without porch, dependent on design.

You can see the options for yourself on the Designs page of our website.

So why are so many homeowners opting to build a granny flat on their property? It’s simple really.



Building a Granny Flat – The Benefits

It adds to the property value

Having a secondary dwelling on your property increases the value of it. Makes sense right? Where once only one home stood, now there are two.

It’s an additional income opportunity

Not only does that granny flat add value to your property, it also provides an opportunity for you to gain additional income through renting it out. Two bedroom flats rent for a considerable amount, particularly if you’re in a desirable location. We’re even seeing some people downsizing by moving into the granny flat themselves to make even more money renting out their family home.

For a spacious home office or studio

While a home office is convenient, it can sometimes blur the lines between work and downtime. Having an entirely separate office can mean that your home is simply just your home and there’s no way you can bring your work home with you. Alternatively, a granny flat can make an exceptional studio space for you to reconnect with that passion for painting, photography or pottery!

Easily add more bedrooms

Growing family? A much more cost-effective and convenient way to add more bedrooms to your home is to build a granny flat. Home renovations can be a hassle, as rooms (or sometimes your whole home) are rendered unliveable while they’re being constructed. Not to mention the costs can quickly add up. Teenaged or adult children can achieve a level of independence whilst still maintaining a modicum of parental care and supervision. It’s a wise solution with skyrocketing rental prices.

Look after elderly parents

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to be thrust into the lonely existence of a nursing home and we don’t wish that on our parents either, but having them take up in the room right next to ours isn’t always the best solution either. With a granny flat, independence is maintained with a greater level of support. And an on-hand babysitter doesn’t sound too bad huh?

We’re keen as mustard to chat with you about your new granny flat. Let’s chat about what you need to know to get started.

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